Woman praised for ‘genius’ hack to put on your own bracelet with no struggling

When you live on your own, certain tasks can prove rather tricky, like reaching the top shelf if you’re not very tall, so you might find yourself coming up with creative solutions for these jobs.

One woman recently found a way to put on her own bracelet when she had no one to help her do up the tricky clasp.

And we honestly can’t believe we haven’t thought to do this sooner, because it’s genius!

In a video posted to TikTok, make-up artist and life coach Jade Le-Huray shared her trick, explaining in the caption that “single life made think of this one”.

In the clip, Jade can be seen hooking a bobby pin/hair grip, through one of the bracelet’s hooks that the clasp goes through.

She then holds onto the hair grip as she pulls the hooks around her wrist, bringing them right up in line with the clasp, so she can do the bracelet up easily.

Doing this one-handed is normally such a faff, but we’ll never have to struggle again!


And we weren’t the only ones impressed with Jade’s life hack, her video has since been watched more than two million times and garnered over 192,000 likes.

Hundreds of people also took the time to share their thoughts on the hack, with many blown away by the trick.

One branded it “pure WIZARDRY”, while another said it made their “jaw drop”.

A third replied: “This is GENIUS!!!!”

Someone else wrote: “Wait a damn minute…”

A different user posted: “Wow. Thank you so much!”

“This is awesome,” admitted a sixth person. “I’ve been struggling for so long.”

“What??? This is so useful,” proclaimed a seventh.